As a clearing and forwarding agent well versed with updated customs regulations and procedures, we can handle clearance of import/ export shipment with easier and efficiency.

Our customs clearance related service includes advice to our client and preparation of final import / export related documents, completion of appraisement and examination formalities and payments.

Our staff comprises highly qualified personnel that handle both Tanzania clientele and shipment that need to be customs, cleared and delivered over borders.

•To increase the volume and value of exports from Tanzania rapidly.
•To investigate and analyse policy constraints that interfere with the orderly and profitable growth of exports from Tanzania and proposing solutions to these constraints and taking such other measures as to ensure the effective removal of the said constraints.
•To provide information, guidance and opportunities for exporters to assist each other in attaining greater economic capabilities.
•To identify opportunities for growth and development of new markets for exporters and to stimulate awareness and realization of these opportunities.
•To establish a reliable data bank of information on Tanzania exports and export opportunities accessible to all parts of the country as well as abroad.
•To act as a link between Tanzanian exporters, the Governmental and international trade organizations through participation and sponsoring of relevant activities.
•Create awareness in export sector on market requirements, changes and regulations.